Leg Angiogram in NYC

What is a leg angiogram?

A leg angiogram, also known as a peripheral angiogram, is a minimally invasive test which involves the use of X-ray technology to help your doctor view the arteries and veins in your legs.

Why is a leg angiogram done?

A leg angiogram is performed to help your doctor determine if any of the arteries or veins in your legs are clogged or blocked. If you are experiencing chest pain or have experienced a heart attack or stroke, your doctor may perform a leg angiogram in order to determine the source of your heart-related symptoms or conditions. A coronary angiogram may be performed if your doctor wants to view the blood vessels of your heart.

What does a leg angiogram procedure involve?

A leg angiogram procedure involves your doctor using a contrast dye, called iodine dye, to take X-rays of your blood vessels. Prior to the procedure, your doctor will gently place an IV into your arm. Local anesthesia will also be administered to numb the puncture site. The procedure will then begin with your doctor gently puncturing through your skin and femoral artery, which is located near your groin area.

Your doctor will then carefully guide thin medical tools through the artery and to the areas that your doctor will be evaluating. The iodine dye will then be carefully injected by your doctor. As the dye flows through your arteries, X-rays will be taken by your doctor.

If the X-rays show that there is a blockage, your doctor may recommend an angioplasty and stent placement to expand the blood vessels.

What are the benefits of a leg angiogram?

A leg angiogram is beneficial because it can help your doctor determine if you have blood vessels that have blockages. A leg angiogram can also help your doctor decide whether you will require certain procedures to help treat the blocked blood vessels.

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