Event Monitor (Such as LINQ)

Bradycardia Slow Heart RhythmEvent Monitor, such as LINQ, allows evaluation of the heart rhythm and rate through months to years. LINQ is an insertable monitoring device which can be placed just under the skin in an outpatient setting.

It will help your doctor to diagnose and treat irregular beats (AFib) and to evaluate people who had unexplained fainting or stroke.

Common Indications for Event Monitor

  • Unexplained fainting or stroke
  • Infrequent Palpitation
  • Irregular Heartbeats (AFib)

How to Prepare for Event monitor (LINQ):

  • No special preparation is needed
  • Needs to go to the Electrophysiology (EP) lab
  • And your providers and nurses will monitor your heart rate and rhythm on a daily basis

Duration of Procedure:

  • 5 mins


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