ILiac Venogram/ILiac Vein Stent

ILiac Venogram/ILiac Vein StentILiac Venogram is a same day, minimally invasive, office-based and ambulatory procedure which uses x-ray and ultrasound to visualize blood flow through your ILiac (pelvic and belly) vein. The ultrasound probe (IVUS) is very small and inserted with local anesthesia, using a narrow fiber passed upwards inside the vein.

If there is narrowing, a stent is placed. Venous stasis symptoms including aching pain and heaviness will go away often immediately. After ILiac vein stenting, leg swelling and discoloration will reduce more gradually over months.

Common indications for ILiac Venogram

  • Persistent and life-limiting venous insufficiency symptoms despite compression stockings and Endovenous Laser Ablation
  • When your doctor suspects you suffer from ILiac vein compression
  • Venous sores (Venous Stasis Ulcers)
  • Refractory severe leg swelling, especially one side of the leg
  • Unexplained clots in legs

How to prepare for ILiac Venogram

  • Review your medications, especially blood thinners and diabetic medications with your provider at least 1 week before the procedure.
  • Shave groin area of the side which the procedure is being done.
  • Do not eat by the mouth two hours prior to your appointment.
  • A nurse will insert IV line on your arm.

Duration of ILiac Venogram:

Preparation: 20 – 30 Minutes   Procedure: 30 – 40 Minutes.


30 Minutes.

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