Iliac Venogram in NYC

ILiac Venogram/ILiac Vein Stent

What is an iliac venogram?

An iliac venogram is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your doctor to see and assess the health of the veins in your legs using a special medical dye and X-ray technology.

Why is an iliac venogram used?

A venogram is used to help diagnose abnormalities in your veins, such as deep vein thrombosis. Other uses for a venogram include:

  • Assessing vein abnormalities at birth
  • Finding veins for bypass graft surgery
  • Determining the cause of swelling or pain in your legs
  • Tracking down where a blood clot that has traveled to your lungs initially formed

What does an iliac venogram involve?

An iliac venogram procedure involves your doctor gently injecting a medical dye into your veins via an IV line. Your doctor will then perform an X-ray to capture images of your veins as the medical dye moves through them.

If you have a narrowed iliac vein, also known as iliac stenosis, a stent procedure may be used to expand and support the vein. Speak with your doctor to find out more about the associated benefits and complications of iliac stent placement.

What are the complications and benefits associated with an iliac venogram?

The benefit of an iliac venogram is that it allows your doctor to assess the inside of your veins. An iliac venogram may also help your doctor determine potential causes of certain vein conditions.

An iliac venogram may lead to certain complications, including allergic reactions to the medical dye. In rare cases, cancer may occur due to X-ray radiation. Speak with your doctor to learn more about the associated benefits and complications of an iliac venogram.

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