Exercise Stress Test in NYC

What is an exercise stress test?

An exercise stress test, also referred to as a treadmill test or cardiac stress test, is a test that your doctor may use in order to assess how your heart reacts and works under the stress of psychical activity, such as running.

Why is an exercise stress test used?

An exercise stress test is used so that your doctor may evaluate if oxygen and blood are sufficiently flowing to your heart when it is under high levels of physical stress. An exercise stress test may be used by your doctor for the following:

  • Diagnosing coronary artery disease
  • Assessing if you are at risk for heart disease
  • Determining the cause of chest pains
  • Evaluating your general heart health

What does an exercise stress test involve?

An exercise stress test involves your doctor assessing how your heart reacts to exercise. Before starting the test, your doctor will equip you with an EKG machine by placing adhesive pads to your skin. Prior to starting the exercise portion of the test, your doctor will assess your heart rate and breathing. You may be asked to breathe into a tube so your doctor can measure how strong your lungs are.

For the exercise portion of the test, your doctor will have you begin by walking on a treadmill. Your doctor will start you off at a slow pace and gradually increase the pace to raise the stress on your heart. The exercise portion of the test will be completed once your doctor has all necessary data and results. Once the test is complete, your doctor will continue to briefly monitor your vitals.

What are the benefits of an exercise stress test?

An exercise stress test is beneficial because your doctor can evaluate the general health of your heart. Specific benefits include helping your doctor:

  • Diagnose coronary artery disease
  • Assess if you are at risk for heart disease
  • Determine the cause of chest pains
  • Evaluate your general heart health

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