Electrophysiology Study in NYC

What is an electrophysiology study (EPS)?

An electrophysiology study is a cardiovascular test that your doctor can use to measure and assess the activity of your heart.

Why is an electrophysiology study used?

An electrophysiology study may be used to help your doctor determine what is causing your heart to beat irregularly. An EPS may also be used to help your doctor determine what treatments would be best for controlling your heartbeat.

What does an electrophysiology study involve?

An electrophysiology study involves recording the electrical signals of your heart. The procedure begins with your doctor gently placing an IV in your arm. Certain medications may be administered to help you relax during the procedure. Next, your doctor will numb the area and begin the process of carefully guiding specialized medical devices through your blood vessels and to your heart.

Once the medical devices have reached your heart, your doctor will send painless electric signals through the medical devices; this will cause your heart to beat quicker or stronger. The medical devices will pick up and record the signals from your heart, allowing your doctor to determine where the irregularities of your heartbeat are stemming from.

Throughout the procedure, your doctor may have you take various medications in order to evaluate which treatments best control your heart rate. Immediately after or during the procedure, your doctor may perform a cardiac ablation to help to correct the cause of your irregular heartbeat.

What are the benefits of an electrophysiology study?

An electrophysiology study is beneficial because it can help allow your doctor to determine the cause of your irregular heartbeat. An EPS can also help your doctor determine what treatment options may be most appropriate for you.

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