Superficial Phlebitis: Woman Suffering from Varicose Veins and Phlebitis Treated with Endovenous Ablation.

Authors: Hiral Patel, PA-BC, Rishona Johnson, PA-BC &  Tae An Choi, ANP-BC
Heart Vein NYC, New York, New York

Case of Superficial phlebitis, severe tenderness and warmth paired with bulging varicose veins is a condition known as phlebitis (inflamed veins).

Heart Vein NYC Case Study

This is a 55-year-old female who suffered from painful varicose veins and inflammation in her legs for many years. On our initial exam, patient experienced severe tenderness and warmth with bulging varicose veins; this is a condition known as phlebitis (inflamed veins).

She was initially treated with compression stockings, which provided very minimal relief.  She then opted for the vein laser ablation option by Dr. Kim and his ablation team at Heart Vein NYC. The picture on the left was taken before the procedure, and the picture on the right was immediately after the procedure. As seen in the post-procedure image (right), there was no incision or cut made.

After the procedure, the patient experienced an immediate, significant relief of tenderness and tension in the varicose veins of her leg. In her own words, “It’s like they were never there”. As noted in the after picture (right), there was a significant reduction in the size of varicose veins. She was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has been referring her friends and family since.

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