Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome: A Mid-60s Woman Who Suffered from Leg and Buttock Pain and Associated Leg Swelling

Authors: Back Kim MD & Tae An Choi, ANP-BC
Heart Vein NYC, New York, New York

Iliac Vein Compression: The video clip shows the overlying artery (left black circle) compressing the adjacent vein (right circle) causing obstruction in the iliac (pelvic) vein. This condition is called Iliac Vein compression syndrome also known as May-Thurner Syndrome1.

This patient is a female in her mid-60s who suffered from leg and buttock pain and associated leg swelling for many years. She tried multiple methods of treatment recommended by different doctors but never achieved appropriate relief of symptoms.

Obstruction of the iliac vein can be easily overlooked due to lack of reliable diagnostic tests. Venogram using intravenous ultrasound (IVUS) which Heart Vein NYC performs in office is an excellent tool to detect obstruction. This patient was diagnosed with Iliac vein compression and successfully treated by our team. The pain in her leg and butt is now completely resolved.


  1. Tae An C. NP-BC, Back K. MD et al. Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome. Consultant 2017; Vol 12; Issue 57.
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