Case of Iliac Vein Compression: A Mid-40s Woman Who Suffered from Leg and Buttock Heaviness and Achiness

Authors: Back Kim MD &  Tae An Choi, ANP-BC
Heart Vein NYC, New York, New York

A forty-four-year-old female who suffered from chronic left leg and buttock heaviness and achiness upon standing or walking, with associated leg swelling that is alleviated by leg elevation.

She has been treated with compression stocking and laser vein closure ablation therapy but with minimal relief.

Pt proceeded with venogram and subsequent examination utilizing intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), demonstrating severe degree of blockage (stenosis) in left iliac veins (common iliac vein and external iliac vein). Venogram (figure 1) showed collateral veins or reflux, indicating proximal obstruction. IVUS (figure 2) showed 73% luminal narrowing (green circle) compared to reference vessel size (blue circle).

Balloon dilation with stent deployment was successfully performed. Pt’s leg symptoms are significantly improved with returning baseline normal daily activities.

HVNYC Case Study Number 12
Figure 1. Venogram demonstrating reflux that indicates iliac vein compression.

HVNYC Case 12
Figure 2. IVUS showing 73% luminal narrowing (green circle) compared to reference vessel size (blue circle)

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