67-Year Old Male with Exertional Mid-Sternal Chest Pain in the Setting of Proximal LAD Stenosis.

Authors: Back Kim MD, Nay Htyte MD & Tae An Choi, ANP
Heart Vein NYC, New York, New York

67-year old male with exertional mid-sternal chest pain, relieved by rest, since 2 weeks ago.

  • Past medical history: Hypertension
  • Meds: no medications.
  • VS: BP 150/95, HR 65, afeb, RR 14
  • Baseline EKG: Normal sinus rhythm without no evidence of acute ischemia (figure 1)

Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2

  • Resting Echo: Normal EF without wall motion abnormality.
  • Treadmill stress: 9 METs 5:oo mins, Duke treadmill score -9 (figure 2 & 3)

Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2

  • Angiogram:  99% stenosis in the proximal left ascending artery (LAD) with TIMI 1 flow. The left circumflex (Cx) and right coronary artery (RCA) were normal (figure 4), Normal EF (65%).

Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2

  • PCI: Successful balloon angioplasty and stent deployment without any residual coronary stenosis and TIMI-3 flow in the LAD (figure 5 & 6). Normal EF (65%).

Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2Heart Vein NYC Case Study 2

  • Outcome: Complete resolution of chest pain.
  • Take home points: Sometimes it’s refreshing to be reminded we can still make an impact. And don’t discount a good old fashion history and regular treadmill stress.
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